Monday, June 14, 2010

Blog is a blog is a blog

The sentence "Rose is a rose is a rose ." was written by Gertrude Stein as part of the 1913 poem "Sacred Emily". To learn more of what Gertrude had in mind when she wrote this line which so immediately conjures up an image of that particularly beautiful and aromatic bloom on a thorny stem... like so much else in the world now-a-days, you guessed it... you just have to google it.

"Blog is a blog is a blog", however, does not conjure up any image in my mind, at least it did not until a few short months ago when I started blogging, and it really still doesn't, because blogs come in so many shapes and sizes, have so many uses and can cover so many topics.

I recently bought my second book about blogging. The first was "Blogging for Dummies" ($29.99) for fairly obvious reasons. This one is rather more sophisticated (and less expensive at $17.50) "The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging". I had seen Arianna Huffington on TV of course, but had no idea that the Huffington Post was a major online news syndicator with more than 50 blogging commentators. It now competes with all of the major newsprint, radio and television media, and does many things (news coverage wise) much better, frequently more in depth, and more interestingly written than any of the others, and of course they can get the word out faster on the internet than via the competing media.

Their masthead - Is just like 
that of any print newspaper.

I now subscribe (free) to the HuffPost which brings me back to subscriptions and syndication, which were really the topics that I had set out to blog about this morning, but this introduction has turned out to be so long winded that once again, dear follower, you're just going to have to wait one more day to learn more about RSS news feeds and readers, and other useful ways to track the news, including of course, my own views "Through The Rear-View Mirror" blog.

By now you probably realize the significance of both my blog's name and the cut-line, "Hindsight really is 20 20".

P.S. I have finally figured out how to include a link in my posts, so if you are interested you can click on the Huffington Post link here. I'd have included it higher up on the page... but I was concerned that you might not find your way back from their remarkable, multi blog site to my simple little one.

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