Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The big Five-O

Yes, yesterday marked my fiftieth - the big five O!

No, regrettably not my birthday, or even our anniversary. These milestones have long since disappeared over the horizon of time. 50 blogs since the first one on 28th March. That's 2 per week on average, and that's what I'm celebrating, and you dear follower are invited to join the celebration. Perhaps I'll buy everyone in the Flat Earth Society a coffee this morning, up at our regular haunt - the "Brie" coffee shop in Qualicum Beach. They'll certainly be rather surprised by this old Scotsman's generosity. My buddies might even accuse me of letting the entire Scottish nation down by breaking away from our national credo of "a penny saved is a penny earned". (P.S. Having followed through with my plan for the coffee shop celebration, I am now able to confirm that my worst fears about being ribbed by my buddies, were entirely justified.)

 The Big Five-O

But am I having fun yet? Well I'm glad you asked, dear follower, because actually I am having quite a lot of fun. And why is that? Hmmm! I'll have to give that question some serious thought, and it's much too early in the day for that. Perhaps it's that blogging gives me a feeling of power and glory, or freedom, or self importance and invincibility? No, surely it can't be any of those. Perhaps it is just that when my mind is deeply engrossed in yet another brilliant post, I don't have to worry about all the other items hovering around out there on my to do list. That's much more likely. Actually, the fact is that I rather enjoy writing, and unlike it was in the good old days of having to earn a living, when everything seemed to have a deadline, and I was always being pressured to get "it" done, whatever "it" was... now "it" only needs to happen when the spirit moves me.

But it is rather fun to express an opinion from time to time, to get something off my mind, or to research and learn something new which I've been curious about for some time. Even searching for the most appropriate words, or anecdote, or humorous comment to illustrate a point, can be fun, particularly without the pressure of deadlines.

So what's next you ask? Well it would be nice to know that sometimes a few more people were listening to me out there in the blogosphere, so please continue dropping in on "The Rear-View Mirror" because "Hindsight is 20 20" you know. And please do remember to use the comments box at the end of each post, so that I know I'm not out there alone, preaching to the wilderness. And do invite you friends to drop by also, by e-mailing them a copy of a blog from time to time - that's just a matter of clicking on that little envelope down at the bottom of each page.

Take care. There's a wonderful world out there... the world of bloggs.


  1. Yea! 50 posts (1 blog) congrats. Technically this is the 51st post, so your acknowledgement is a little late :-)

  2. Interesting. My first comment goes through with no moderation. The edit to it needs to be moderated? I'll have a look at the permissions to see what's going on there. Cheers.