Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Back

Wow! The Blogger program has sure changed since I fired off my last opinions into the blogisphere. I suppose that’s for the better... but you can bet your bottom dollar that "old dog new tricks" problem will appear as soon as I try to take it for a test drive.

I'm really living rather adveturously these days, because I'm also about to experiment with e-book publishing for the first time. An acquaintance of mine, who seemed to be spending a lot of his time hanging out with his Apple laptop in a coffee shop that I also happen to frequent, got me interested in this new venture. Much to my surprise he turned out to be writing children's books for sale on Amazon's "Kindle Direct Publishing" rather than surfing the web for whatever.

It just happens that I self-published a cartooned booklet about the real estate industry back in the good old days of typewriters and printing presses some 40 years ago, and I found in reviewing it with some friends, that while the numeric values it contained were totally out of date, the points that I was attempting to make were equally valid today as they had been almost half a century earlier.

So my next job will be to use my scanner and an optical character recognition program to digitize the work then convert the book into a file format that is appropriate for the online e-book publishing company or companies that I choose.

Will I make any money? Somehow I doubt it, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, and it is always interesting to try something new.

Wish me luck